Integration of Quantitative User Data Into the Agile Website Development Process

Website analysis with Google Analytics takes place by the end of the development process when performed at Valtech AB. Measurements are added to gather quantitative user data from websites when the website is live instead of as a part of the development process.

Through interview sessions and a literature study the Lean Startup philosophy and lean user experience have been studied with focus on the minimum viable product, hypothesis writing, and the build-measure-learn feedback loop. This thesis work proposes a process to integrate the work of website analysis through Google Analytics into the agile work process. The proposed process includes early definition of business impact, key performance indicators and main conversions of the website. Also early set up of the Google Analytics accounts and a dashboard screen monitoring the main macro conversions are an important part. Furthermore, hypothesis writing and creation of minimum viable products as well as consideration of previous measurements in backlog prioritization and refinement meetings are included. Finally, continuous presentation of data measurements at the sprint demo is important. The conclusions of this thesis work are that the motivation for performing agile website analysis depends on the development team members and their knowledge of website analysis. It is also important that the customer is active in the sense of learning and taking part in the measurement process to be able to take over the analysis at project completion. Lastly, it is important to follow up quantitative measurements with qualitative measurements by asking questions why the user acted in a certain way.

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Author: Emma Rangert
Department: Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

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