Evaluating the user experience in mobile games using session recording tools

This thesis work examines how the user experience of mobile games can be evaluated with the use of session recording tools.

The thesis project was carried out at the mobile games development company MAG Interactive, and the aim was to produce a workflow for the company with guidelines for how to conduct user testing with session recording tools for mobile devices. In order to evaluate the tools and services, and to develop the workflow, several user tests have been conducted. When using mobile session recording tools, it is possible to record the screen of the device, the microphone input and in some tools also the front camera input while the user is playing the game. Recording the test session makes it easier to understand and evaluate the player experience of the game and also to identify usability issues. The thesis also covers other parts necessary when conducting user testing besides the actual session recording tool. These are test set up (instructions, tasks etc.), integration, distribution of the test and the application and also analysis of the recorded test session.

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Author: Veronica Börjesson
Author: Karolin Jonsson
Department: Department of Science and Technology, Linköping University, Norrköping, Sweden

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