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Developing a language of interactivity through the theory of play

What makes an interactive experience engaging?

In a world increasingly influenced by interactive interfaces, devices and services both in the commercial and non-commercial spheres, understanding interactivity and its underpinnings is essential. We have moved into a state of flux in which both culture and technology are in constant interplay and the only constant is change itself. The only future-proof approach to designing for and dealing with an environment of constant change in these systems and forms is to look for a mechanism and theoretical framework that underpins them all.

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“Sketching” nurturing creativity: commonalities in art, design, engineering and research

The workshop did gather researchers and practitioners in diverse areas of creative design practice. Such fields call upon a plurality of techniques and approaches to arrive at a result that is a hybridized whole.

The workshop seeks to bring together researchers and practitioners from diverse creative practices such as interaction design, industrial design, architectural design, media art, music, programming, writing, and scholarly  work, to gain insight into the creative process. Each of these disciplines has established ways to nurture a creative impulse through to a concrete result. This is done in part by fostering a continuing internal dialog between creative  instinct and external representations. Sketching is an activity common to these  practices that is exercised during such creative refinement. By sketching, we mean not only handdrawing on paper using a pencil, but also rapid, undetailed, brief, light, informal representations that practitioners produce and interact with. By investigating the sketching process in each practice, we expect  to find commonalities that will to point out essential elements for designing  tools to support the creative process.

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