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Facilitating Customer Involvement in Collaborative Online Innovation Communities

One of the consistent themes in prior literature on innovation success and failure concerns the need to understand customer and market needs.

To intensify the new product and service development process, companies have to admit that they need to be enriched by new external knowledge outside the company. Utilising customers’ or potential customers’ creativity and innovation capability has a lot of potential in new product development and service design. The open innovation (OI) concept, lead-user literature as well as value cocreation literature provide interesting possibilities to companies to improve their innovation processes by utilising the customer community creativity. Collaborative online innovation communities can maximise users’ innovation potential by enabling collective thinking, which is superior to the ideas of individual users.

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What’s the problem? Studies on identifying usability problems in user tests

This is the kind of muttering researchers in a usability lab often hear when users are having trouble performing a given task with the product or prototype being tested./strong>

The activity the researcher is performing in this situation is called conducting a usability test: a test to find out what difficulties people run into when they are trying to use a (newly designed) product. During the usability test and in inter views or analyses afterwards, the researcher will try to figure out why the user experienced a given difficulty and what product characteristics contributed to that. Once the problem is understood, a designer can attempt to redesign the product’s characteristics so that the chance of future users running into the same difficulty is minimized.

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