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The Design of a new NICU Patient Area: Combining Design for Usability and Design for Emotion Emotion

Design of medical equipment is still technology driven. However slowly it is starting to upgrade from pure functional and sometimes badly usable towards a design that takes care of its usability as well as of the emotional situation of the users.

In the design of medical products both usability and emotional experience are important to be considered. Usability can enhance the work situation of medical staff and ensure patient safety. Emotion related product aspects, on the other hand, influence the recovery pace of patients as well as the work satisfaction of staff. For an optimal medical design both aspects should receive well-balanced attention during the design process.

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A Multilayered Model of Product Emotions

Emotions enrich virtually all of our waking moments with either a pleasant or an unpleasant quality.

This paper introduces a theoretical basis for the process that underlies all emotional responses to consumer products. Five distinct classes of product-evoked emotions are discussed, which are each the outcome of a unique pattern of eliciting conditions. The framework for these patterns was drawn from a model that reveals the cognitive basis of product emotions. The main proposition of this model is that all emotional reactions result from an appraisal process in which the individual appraises the product as (potentially) harming or favoring one or several of his or her concerns. In this perspective, the concern and the appraisal are considered key-parameters that determine if a product evokes an emotion, and if so, what emotion is evoked. Because each of the five classes of product emotions (i.e. instrumental, aesthetic, social, surprise, and interest emotions) is discussed in terms of these key-parameters, it can be used to explain the complex and often personal nature of product emotions, and support designers in their efforts to design for emotion.

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