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Service Design – a conceptualization of an emerging practice

Traditionally, design can be understood as product, as process, and as practice. In the context of this thesis design is mainly discussed as practice; however, I do this in relation to the changing character of the design product and the implications for design practice.

Service design is an emerging design practice with an interdisciplinary heritage. Most previous research has been based on what service designers do; with the increased academic interest in service design over the past decade, the time has come to conceptualize the underlying discourses. The main purpose of this thesis is to contribute knowledge to the emerging service design discourse through conceptual comparisons of key concepts in the design and service management literature.

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Seeding social technologies: strategies for embedding design in use

This paper reflects on the changing nature of participation and design in the context of social technologies and, in particular, our evolving understanding of what it means to do design.

When designing social technologies we are effectively creating containers or scaffolds; their shape is formed through participation and user driven contributions and that shape changes over time. In designing successful social platforms around which communities grow, evolve and share, our role as designers extends beyond researching, defining, creating and releasing a product. The facilitation of participation by the ‘future community’ also becomes a central concern.

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