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A Tool for Evaluating Service User eXperience (ServUX): Development of a Modular Questionnaire

Currently, there are no tools designed specifically for evaluating user experience (UX) of modern web-based services, e.g., crossmedia services featuring Web 2.0 characteristics.

This paper describes the process and outcome of developing a modular questionnaire for evaluating Service User eXperience (ServUX). The questionnaire is constructed of modules, each addressing distinct aspects of ServUX: cross-platform and crossmedial interaction, user-driven service composition, social
communication and construction, dynamic content and functionality, contextual computing, and other ServUX related issues such as trust and privacy.

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Developing Practical Tools for User Experience Evaluation – A Case from Mobile News Journalism

There are many well-established ways to evaluate the usability of interactive systems including questionnaires, but evaluating experiential aspects such as fun, meaning, or beauty is a much less covered topic

We present a questionnaire called Attrak-Work to support the evaluation of user experience of mobile systems in the context of mobile news journalism. We discuss theoretical background of the questionnaire and describe the development process including the field study within which the questionnaire was developed. The presented questionnaire assesses user’s perception of the pragmatic (usability and task and goal achievement) and hedonic (stimulation and identification) qualities and an overall judgment of appeal. We used the questionnaire as part of a field study to corroborate and expand the findings of observations and interviews. We found the Attrak-Work questionnaire a useful tool to be used in this manner especially for the evaluation of the hedonic qualities.

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Author: Heli Väätäjä
Author: Tiina Koponen
Department: Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland

Author: Virpi Roto
Department: Nokia Research Center, Finland

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