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Challenges for Designing the User Experience of Multi-touch Interfaces

In the last few years multi-touch interfaces have gained a lot of attention, not only due to their application in mobile phones but also because of the advantages that come with this technology.

Advances in technology have led to an increased presence of multi-touch interfaces in consumer products in recent years. Still, many challenges remain that designers need to face when designing for multi-touch interaction. As multitouch interfaces are becoming more ubiquitous it is important to investigate not only their performance for certain tasks, but also the user experience of interacting with such interfaces. In this paper we discuss eight challenges that need to be considered when designing the user experience of multi-touch interfaces. The challenges also reveal potential areas for future research in the field of multi-touch interaction.

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User Experience of Interaction with Technical Systems

Theories, Methods, Empirical Results, and Their Application to the Development of Interactive Systems.

Today, people use interactive systems to accomplish many of their professional and personal goals. The use of interactive products has become an integral part of our everyday lives. In response, interactive system development does not exclusively focus on design of useful and usable products anymore, but takes the entire user experience into account to be successful. But what determines a good user experience? To answer this question, an approach to user experience of interaction with technical systems is presented that makes theoretical, methodological, and empirical contributions to overcome shortcomings of existing approaches and gives recommendations to incorporate user experience design goals already in early stages of the development process of interactive systems.

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