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Design & Emotion: The Kansei Engineering Methodology

Evolutions in product design have lead to many inventions, resulting equally good quality products flooding the market.

Today’s trends in product development indicated that inclusion of consumer’s need to the technical aspect of product design will determine their success in the market. Explicit needs are clear and easy to describe. However, the implicit needs such as emotional experience are difficult to quantify. This paper introduces methods and techniques than can be used to capture consumers‟ needs in general and specifically describes the framework of Kansei Engineering to handle the implicit needs of consumers. The framework offers quick and easy understanding to the implementation of Kansei Engineering in discovering implicit consumers‟ needs and analyzes its relations to product design. The author contends that the framework is a useful guide to beginners in the industry and academia to the implementation of the technology in diversed fields including HCI, Interaction Design and the various tangible product design.

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Author: Anitawati Mohd Lokman
Department: Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia

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Emotional User Experience in Web Design: The Kansei Engineering Approach

This work addresses the emotional design aspect in the context of website user interface.

The use of the Internet has become an essential part of our everyday lives. People surf the website with various purpose to accomplish their personal goals. Inline with the thriving growth in the use of website, research in website design has expanded the focus from functionality and usability to the full range of human experience. In recent years, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) issues related to web applications have shifted its focus to address emotional aspect of website design. This is mainly due to the evolution of website functions from conveying information to the extent of providing persuasive engagement with visitors through the lively process of perception, judgment and action. Over the Internet, visitor’s perception of websites significantly affects their browsing behaviours and purchase decisions. With its nature of unlimited availability, online businesses are exposed to vast competition.
Hence, an online business need to offer a website that could capture visitor’s attention at first sight and persuade them to stay longer on the website, to win over competitor.

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