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Face to Face Makes a Difference – Recommendation Practices of Users of Mobile Services

The mobile app stores and markets have provided companies, independent developers and researchers alike with possibilities to present innovative designs and concepts for mobile applications and services through distribution techniques on a global scale.

The mobile app stores and markets provide companies, independent developers and researchers alike with possibilities to distribute innovative designs for mobile devices on a global scale. However, reaching a large numbers of users does not in itself ensure a large number of users adopting the mobile application or service. Large-scale adoption depends on additional factors such as novelty in service design, ease of use, enjoyable interaction, built-in mechanisms for further distribution of the mobile service as well as the practice of word-of-mouth recommendations. In this position paper we present the background and preliminary findings from a study aimed at investigating the motivations and practices by which users ecommend mobile apps and services among their acquaintances. We discuss our perspective on distribution of mobile applications and services on a large scale and end this paper by suggesting questions for discussion and future research.

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Author: Zeynep Ahmet
Author: Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio Mattila
Department: Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

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Mobile Interface Design for Dynamic Environment

This thesis will introduce and describe a common problem encountered while using mobile devices in dynamic environments: usability goes down drastically when a Personal Digital Agent (PDA), cell phone or mobile gaming device is used outside or in a highly dynamic environment

A common problem with mobile devices is that when they are used in a dynamic environment usability goes down drastically because of external influences. Sunlight, sudden movements and interrupted use of the device change the experience in a way that the designers of the application did not always take into account. Although part of the problem is hardware related, it is possible that designers of mobile applications can help improve the situation by taking into account these dynamic environments when designing the interface or architecture.

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