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Interface Matters: Postphenomenological Perspectives on Service Design

One of the fundamental questions facing the emerging discipline of service design concerns the definition of its object. In this thesis, I posit that the practice of service design, as a recent development within the tradition of industrial design, may be approached primarily as the design of interfaces between service providers and clients.

In chapter 1, on basis of a critical study of the service literature spanning the disciplines of management, engineering, and economics, I argue for the importance of acknowledging the materiality of interfaces when designing services. In chapter 2, I comment on relevant views in the field of industrial design about the design of (service) interfaces.

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From different angles: exploring and applying the design potential of video

Recent developments in both hardware and software have brought video within the scope of design students as a new visual design tool. Being more and more equipped with cameras, for example in their smartphones, and video editing programs on their computers, they are increasing using video to record their research activities or present their design ideas.

In design education, however, the full potential of video as a rich and contextual design medium is yet to be explored and developed. This paper presents a course, in which design students are trained to explore, experience and apply the possibilities of video in their design process. In three assignments, which cover different design stages, they take on different roles, from user researcher to interaction designer to video producer, to create videos that serve different design purposes.

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